Ex-FPM MP Elie El Ferzli Is Blaming President Aoun And Bassil For The Economic Crisis

Dalati And Nohra

Former Tayyar MP Elie El Ferzli launched an attack on President Michel Aoun and Gebran Bassil. Ferzli, who was allied with Tayyar both in the 2018 and 2022 elections, blamed his former allies for the downfall of Lebanon.

Ferzli played a key role when he was MP from 2018 to 2022. He was nominated and elected as Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, however, things were not always friendly between him and his allies. In 2021, he was ousted from the FPM bloc after he suggested that the Lebanese Army should dissolve the constitution and take power.

Ferzli stated, in an interview with MTV, that Gebran Bassil has turned into a tool for others and that he can no longer claim he represents Christians. This comes after the Lebanese Forces attained more seats in the 2022 elections than FPM, therefore becoming the biggest ‘Christian’ party in Lebanon.

Ferzli added that the slogan “Kellon Yaane Kellon” made it unknown who the source of the downfall was, who in his opinion is President Aoun and his associate Bassil. He also claimed that Bassil is obstructing the formation of a new government because he wants to appoint the Minister of Energy.

He concluded his interview by claiming that President Aoun and Bassil only care about staying in power, and not about the crisis. He warned that if Bassil becomes president the immigration of Lebanese people will be accelerated.

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