10 Exciting Places For Outdoor Activities In Lebanon If You Love Nature

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Lebanon is mostly famous for its friendly weather and beautiful nature, which favors outdoor activities but also compels you to participate, whether you are an athlete or just a nature lover.

It is quasi-impossible to enumerate all the exciting places got outdoor activities and fun in Lebanon. So here are some great ones that you should include in your summer plans.

#1 Arnaoon Village

Probably one of the nicest places to visit in summer, Arnaaoon Village is a vast venue located in Batroun.

While it is mostly known for hosting enchanting birthdays and weddings, the Village has numerous facilities for outdoor activities, such as an adventure park, a swimming pool, and a farm, to name a few. You can also get to swim, enjoy horseback riding, and dare some thrilling rappelling, among others.

#2 Swings Camp

Located in Zaraoun village in the Matn District of Mount Lebanon, Swings Camp is well-known for its exciting outdoor activities, such as biking, slingshot, rodeo, and jumping on mega trampolines tied to big pine trees.

It is also a nice spot for a picnic if you are looking for something less sporty to spend time outdoors with your friends and family.

#3 Jouroudi

Located in Zaarour in the Matn District, Jouroudi has one of the best outdoor settings to chill with friends. There’s a bonfire in the middle of the place, which allows people to bond around it. It has amazing spots, such as the colored stairs, for you to take artsy pictures with your friends.

Jouroudi also hosts numerous parties with hip music to keep you grooving all night if this is what you are looking for.

#4 Heaven Ecoland

True to its name, Heaven Ecoland is a serendipitous place where you can totally relax surrounded by nature and indulge in beautiful sceneries. This spot is found next to the Wadi River, in the heart of Wadi El Sitt village in Chouf.

It is a cozy and clean space you can head to for camping without worrying about tents and mattresses since the place provides them. It also provides delicious homemade and vegan food.

#5 The Pine Yards

The Pine Yards is perhaps one of the most visited spaces in Lebanon for outdoor activities. It attracts families, couples, and friends for its outdoor activities, such as archery, skywalk, zip line, and net climbing.

Pine Yards is located in the heart of Mar Moussa El Douar village in the Matn District, some 25 km from Beirut. The spot is perfect for anyone interested in feeling adventurous and trying fun outdoor activities.

#6 HillHout Village

Located in the village of El-Khenchara in Al-Matn District, HillHout Village is another great spot sought-after in Lebanon for daring outdoor activities, such as zip line, net climbing, and hiking, but also for family gatherings around a barbecue and delicious meals.

Its huge playground for kids keeps the little ones entertained while adults can enjoy their day and the view of the surrounding forest.

#7 Mazraat El Teffah

In Mazraat El-Teffah in North Lebanon, you have a hidden gem known as Uzit Cabin that offers outdoor activities, such as hiking tours and also ATV rentals to wander off in nature at your leisure.

You might want to consider enjoying this spot to its full by spending a weekend or a couple of days. The place is known to be clean and private and nothing speaks louder of wonderful nature than waking up to the sound of birds and going jogging in the green forest as nature awakes.

#8 Jounieh

If you are up to dare the sky and your fear of heights for a really unique experience (and outstanding sceneries), head to Jounieh in Kesrewan where the Paragliding Club Thermique is located.

The club offers paragliding flights with professional staff that will take you floating in the air in a one-of-a-kind adventure. If you want to experience how it feels to break free, then this activity is for you to try.

#9 Batroun

Lebanon’s mountains and sky are not the only venues where you can enjoy outdoor activities. Under the surface of its sea, there is a world of wonders to explore. You can do that in Batroun, with Dive the Med Club located in San Stephano Resort Marina.

This diving club is reputed as one of the best in Lebanon, with professional staff and the equipment you might need.

#10 Ramkeen Island

Northwest of El Mina, Tripoli, at 5.5 kilometers offshore, is the Ramkeen Island, which is one of the three major islands of the Palm Islands Nature Reserve.

Easily reachable through a short boat trip, the island is a great spot for outdoor activities, like diving, snorkeling, swimming, and also hiking.

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