The Exciting Story Of How Lebanese Redditors Fought For Their Flag In A Challenge Event

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The social media platform Reddit initiated an event called r/place, where people can add colored pixels on a blank canvas allowing people from all over the world to make pixel arts.

The event was challenging as the users could place a single colored pixel on an online canvas of one million pixel squares, and they have to wait an amount of time before being able to place another.

This event rocked the very active Reddit community since the final picture will stay on the internet as a “virtual time capsule”.

Unsurprisingly, the Lebanese community on Reddit rushed to participate, passionately uniting to create the Lebanese flag.

“It was something amazing because we were all united, everyone forgot their political views, hatred religions and decided to work on the project to get a place in this historical moment,” a Lebanese Redditor told 961News.

The leading user for the “Lebanese flag project”, u/Answerer_1, shared on Reddit “our wonderful story from the first moments till the end. The original post had 1369 comments and was edited 141 times according to the steps of the plan we had.”

So how did Lebanese and the Lebanese community achieve this “internet milestone”?

End of day 1 – Reddit: r/Lebanon

The challenge began on day 1 when the Lebanese community started working on the project, securing a small area. However, other communities started making their arts in it but the Lebanese held on to their “territory.”

The challenge wasn’t without certain tensions.

End of day 2 – Reddit: r/Lebanon

On day 2, they had “peace talks” with the other communities, and they claimed their area by writing “Lebanon” in it.

That day, the Lebanese team was able to fix the flag and add shape to the cedar tree. And they did more than that, proving the Lebanese generosity and boldness characteristics. They jumped to help a big project near theirs “survive a large attack.”

“During this day, we also noticed that the pixel 10:452 is within our borders,” the Lebanese Redditor in charge noted.

Beirut Blast – Reddit: r/Lebanon

On the 3rd day, the battle continued, as another community planned to attack the Lebanese flag overnight due to the time difference, but other communities defended the territory.

Lebanon wanted also to create a Beirut Blast memorial to honor the victims, but they lost the area, due to low numbers of users working on it.

The real chaos started on the 4th day when the Lebanese community woke up to find their work was gone “as a Moroccan streamer set up robots to take” the Lebanese place overnight.

Despite the setback that could demoralize any team, the Lebanese community did not give up but acted quickly to recapture their lost territory and succeeded in doing so.

However, they could not initiate their plan to add Lebanese monuments with the flag, so they ended up leaving the flag as is.

The Moroccan attack – Reddit: r/Lebanon

And the “fight” wasn’t over.

The Moroccan streamer came back with more robots to try to capture the Lebanese flag area at 1:00 AM, planning its attack while the Lebanese community “has the least online users.”

“The whole flag became a black square in 10 seconds (literally 10 seconds),” the Lebanese Redditor recounted. “The Lebanese community acted very quickly to try to rebuild and informed the neighboring communities, asking for help.”

“The attack was planned well and it was able to cover the whole area with a dark red color within 10 minutes, preparing for the Moroccan flag,” said u/Answerer_1.

Here comes the final battle:

The Lebanese worked the whole night for their country with the help of their allies.

“The high resistance shown made the Moroccan attackers cancel their plans and go back to defending their flag before the end. They realized that no matter how strong and organized an external force is, nobody can break through a united nation like the Lebanese one,” u/Answerer_1 commented.

The final result – Reddit: r/Lebanon

Lebanon was victorious as they were able to recreate the Lebanese flag and protected it until the end.

The Lebanese community of Reddit took great honor in participating in this project, as now all the communities around the world can now see the Lebanese flag, from now, until well, forever.

P.S: Lebanon wants to thank the allies during this tiring fight, including r/dwarffortress, r/Anarchism, r/GeorgiaBulldogs, r/ImagineDragons, and r/Temple.

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