Three Exhibitions Held In Beirut For People Missing During The Lebanese Civil War

While we think that the

Lebanese civil war

is from the past, it isn’t. Most people got over the impact of the war, which were sleepless nights and the sounds of bombs. However, there are still people that are scared from this horrific period of the Lebanese history. The biggest damages of this war are not only demolished houses and the death of thousands of people. There is one thing left that people do not mention often and that is the disappearance of many Lebanese citizens. There are 17,000 people that disappeared during the civil war. Their fate is yet unknown. Their families do not know anything about them, and no one is attempting to open the case and make investigations.

Act for the Disappeared

is a Lebanese NGO that decided to take the matter into its own hands. It spreads awareness and tries to find a solution for the case of the missing people. This NGO’s members are Lebanese citizens who want to find the fate of the disappeared people. If they are alive, they want their release. If they are dead, they want their bodies. After all, this is the basic right of their families. The Lebanese State has failed to find a solution and to address the issue. It should

pass a law

to explain to the families and the Lebanese society what happened to these people.

Act for the Disappeared

works on a social level. To make the youth aware of the civil war and the case of the missing people, the NGO has gathered the stories of the victims and continues doing so. Recently, the NGO held three exhibitions called

Until We Know Their Fate

in Hamra, Ashrafieh, and Tarik El Jdideh where the stories were displayed to be read by passengers. During the event, the NGO released a publication called

Do not let my story end here

that gathers the stories of the missing people. In 2015,

Act For The Disappeared

started an initiative called

Fushat Amal

. The goal is to reclaim the identities of the missing people by gathering information about them and their pictures. Then, their stories are shared on their digital platform. The aim of the NGO is to remind people that there are people that are still missing. While most Lebanese have closed the chapter of the civil war, there are people who are still alive and struggling. These people could be your parents, siblings, or friends. Do not let their stories end here. You can read their stories


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