This Is How Lebanese Expats Stood In Solidarity With The Revolution

On Sunday 26 January, expatriates gathered in their cities around the world to raise their Lebanese flags and make their statements of solidarity with the Lebanese Revolution. The list originally had 20 confirmed cities, until 6 more joined.

And although each of these cities protested in its own way, Lebanese expatriates all had the same message to send to the revolutionaries back home: “With you till the end.” Here are some pictures and videos from these demonstrations:

#1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The protests abroad are an extension of the ones in Lebanon. People are equally as driven and their demands are all the same, as their banners show us. This proves that Lebanese people everywhere in the world are in, and they all hope for a positive change.

#2 Bucharest, Romania

The revolutionary chants are also all the same. They re-addressed the Lebanese people’s problems, what is wrong with the system, and what needs to go for good. Their voices along with ours make the revolution’s echo very much hard to ignore.

#3 Sidney, Australia

They were many, and so were their Lebanese flags. Our flag is now being seen everywhere around the world and, in Sidney’s protests, it was all over the place. People forgot all about their everyday lives, problems, and errands, and dedicated this day to Lebanon only.

#4 Paris, France

Once again, the Lebanese flag, classic Lebanese music, and the people’s sense of patriotism brought them all together. And just like that, they showed their fellow revolutionaries bach at home that they’ve got them all the way.

#5 London, UK

Expatriates stood in solidarity with the wounded who lost an eye. This campaign started in Lebanon when people posted pictures covering one eye to support those injured in Beirut’s conflicts.

On Sunday, the Lebanese in London made a collective statement, doing the same and continuing with this campaign. The support is endless!

#6 Montpellier, France

The diaspora in France reinforced the revolution’s demands on Sunday. This is the point of these protests around the world: A louder voice, more numbers, an unbreaking connection, and an adamant stance. 

#7 Berlin, Germany

People focused on what’s important: The revolution, the people, and Lebanon! The message was loud and clear. They all want what is best for the country and its people, so maybe our expats can one day come back home to their friends and families.

#8 Barcelona, Spain

The enthusiasm was obvious, and it was radiating all the way to Lebanon. People want and are happy to stand for their homeland and their people. They want to be part of this change because it also affects them.

#9 Kuwait City, Kuwait

Men, women, and children in Kuwait are sending their love back home. They are raising the revolution’s slogans and the fist of the revolution to show that they too won’t give up and that they’ll be there for their people until this ends.

#10 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The future of Lebanese youth is one of the main reasons for the revolution. They are the people’s source of motivation. They deserve to have a future back home with their loved ones. And it’s the same reason people abroad are revolting. One for all and all for Lebanon.

#11 Dublin, Ireland

Again and again, the diaspora is reassuring the Lebanese in the homeland that they too will not back down, and that they are not alone. They will be with their fellow Lebanese people in their thoughts, prayers, and actions every step of the way.  

The revolutionary banners, the music, the chants are great when they circulate the world. But what matters the most is the people standing together for the good of Lebanon.

As long as all Lebanese people are on this same journey, hand in hand, the revolution will win. Thank you, the Lebanese diaspora, for your endless support! 

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