Breaking: A Violent Explosion Just Shook South Lebanon

An Explosion Just Shook South Lebanon
Al-Alam TV

An explosion took place in the southern town of Ain Qana on Tuesday afternoon.

Residents in Ain Qana, Jbaa, and surrounding areas in the Nabatieh Governorate reported hearing a very loud noise as their houses shook violently during the blast, the cause of which remains unknown as of the time of writing.

Locals have also reported an unspecified number of casualties, but there has yet to be an official report on the matter. Conflicting reports have since surfaced regarding the cause of the blast.

Preliminary reports suggested that a gas station had exploded in Ain Qana.

“It’s not known yet whether the cause of the explosion was an Israeli missile or an explosive device that exploded in a populated area, resulting in injuries and damage to property,” civilian sources told Annahar.

On the other hand, Al-Jadeed reported that the explosion hit a “Hezbollah-affiliated house,” and that Hezbollah had imposed a security cordon at the site.

Other reports indicated that the explosion site was a center for the collection of mines and war remnants.

Widely shared videos and photos on social media platforms show a tall column of black smoke emerging from a residential area.

Furthermore, videos recorded in the aftermath of the incident show significant damage in the area of the blast and in the houses surrounding it.

The explosion in South Lebanon comes 49 days after the deadly Beirut Port explosion that killed nearly 200 people, injured thousands, and left Beirut decimated.