10 Extra Roles A Lebanese Barber Takes On When Cutting Your Hair

10 Extra Jobs a Lebanese Barber Has When Cutting Your Hair
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When you step into the salon of a Lebanese barber, you’re not just going to get a haircut, you’re in for a thrilling time.

Having shaven a plethora of heads from all walks of life, Lebanese barbers tend to acquire an unmatched library of information and a unique perspective on life, and they are often eager to share both of them with their customers… free of charge.

In addition to their known task, here are 10 roles your Lebanese barbers assume while making you look fabulous. (Some of these make you feel guilty for paying just $10.)

#1 They’re your local newspaper

It can be a shocker to realize that your barber knows more about your next-door neighbors’ affairs than you do.

It’s even more shocking when, 3 minutes into the haircut, you realize that he knows more – way more – about you than you thought. How do they do it?

#2 They generously provide you with business advice

How many success and failure stories must they have heard over the years? These have their value.

#3 They give you the best ASMR

Is that clipper sound soothing or what?

One moment, you’re following the clipper’s progress on the mirror in front of you, the next, you’re Zen and floating off the chair.

#4 They’re the closest you can come to a stand-up comedian

More often than not, you’ll have a couple of great jokes under your belt when you step out of your Lebanese barber’s place.

They make you forget about that tiny accident at the back of your neck. Ouch!

#5 They sing for you

You never thought that a Fairuz song could sound so macho, and still work.

#6 They’re the best social critics you can come about (sort of)

All those years of listening to people’s problems and closely interacting with customers make your Lebanese barber a low-tier social scientist.

We got to say, we are always ready for an impromptu anthropology lecture with that shave.

#7 They’re always up to share their own political analysis

What’s the point of getting a haircut at a Lebanese barbershop if you’re not going to debate Lebanese politics with your barber every now and then?

Don’t push it, though, or you may have to go into hiding until your hair looks presentable again.

#8 They spare you a trip to your therapist

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Want to get something off your chest? This is the closest thing to a therapy session that you can get for $10. Let it all out.

Just be ready to be featured in #1.

#9 They always have some home remedy solution for you

Your Lebanese barber has some home remedy tips for your dry cough that will make your grandma jealous.

#10 They’re the smartest city guide around

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Even Google Maps didn’t know there was a pub down that valley. Better jot down those directions, then.

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