Facebook Warns Against Searching For The Name Of Beirut Blast Suspect MP

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Facebook, also known as Meta, is warning people against searching for the Lebanese MP’s name, Ali Hassan Khalil.

In the case of searching for Ali Hassan Khalil, in Arabic only, a message will appear, with the question: “Are you sure you want to continue? The term that you searched for is sometimes associated with activities of dangerous individuals and organizations, which isn’t allowed on Facebook..”

Even if wanting to “continue” the search, another message will appear, saying, “This search may be associated with violent, hateful or criminal activity – We have Community Standards to prevent and disrupt violent, hateful and criminal activity. When people don’t follow the standards, we remove content, restrict or disable their account.”

These procedures also appear when trying to search the name of Hassan Nasrallah in Arabic.

According to Facebook, those procedures are part of an effort to prevent “real-world harm” by barring organizations and individuals “that proclaim a violent mission or are engaged in violence to have a presence on Facebook”.

The platform also assesses the entities based on their online and offline behaviors.

These behavior are then divided into three tiers that “indicate the level of content enforcement”, with Tier 1 proceeding in the most extensive enforcement “because we believe that these entities have the most direct ties to offline harm,” Facebook explained.

Ali Hassan Khalil is a Lebanese Member of Parliament and former Minister of Finance. There is a warrant of arrest against him in Lebanon in the investigation of the Beirut port explosion, which was not executed by the security forces.

The judicial order to arrest Khalil had also triggered a protest by partisans of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, which led to the infamous Tayyouneh clashes on October 14th, 2021, resulting in 6 dead and more than 60 injured.

Khalil has also a lawsuit against him filed by the families of the Beirut Blast victims under the charges of abusing their defense’s rights and status and obstructing the investigation.

Despite the warrant of arrest and the lawsuit, Khalil is running for parliament in the coming Elections.

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