Fact Check: Did A Meteor Just Hit Lebanon & Cause A Fire?

On Sunday night, a flaming object fell from the sky into Lebanon. Quickly, the news was published by Lebanon’s state-run news agency NNA that a firey meteor crashed in Lebanon.

Someone even caught the object on video as it made its descent.

There were also reports that it had caused a bush fire in a village in Akkar.

Claim: A firey meteor hit Lebanon and caused a fire in the northern village of al-Talil in Akkar. “Townsmen described this scene as a ‘strange phenomenon’,” reported NNA.

Verdict: False. Something did fall from the sky, though, and it did cause a fire in Akkar – but not a meteor.

Context: Shortly after people started sharing the news, citing NNA, a clarification was made by the mayor of Al-Talil, Joseph Mansour.

“What was suspected to be a meteor, turned out to be one of the celebration lanterns that are lit and fired into the sky,” he said.

“Given the speed of its transmission due to the speed of the air, people thought it was a meteor, especially since it caused a slight fire in the area where it fell.”

It is certain that people in Lebanon are on edge and expecting the worst since the port explosion, even that something somehow somewhat could fall from the sky on the country and cause another predicament.

But that ain’t happening… unless it’s the miracle everybody is praying for to save the country, which has have enough welders for drama.

Back in January, a meteor was indeed sighted from Mount Sannine, and it was just harmlessly passing through.

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