Fact Check: Did Aoun Actually Contact Mustapha Adib After Hariri Resigned?


Local media was abuzz about President Michel Aoun‘s call to the resigned Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib. Aoun wanted Adib to come back after Saad Hariri resigned, or so it’s said. But what really happened?

Claim: Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun contacted former Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib to apologize and ask him to come back.

“His Excellency President Michel Aoun contacted me and asked me if I would accept being renamed as Prime Minister-designate, but I refused to accept for the same reasons which I resigned,” claimed a Twitter account appearing to be Mustapha Adib.

Verdict: This never happened. Mustapha Adib denied this ever happening.

Context: From his official Twitter account, Adib tweeted that there was a fake account that was impersonating him with the same name and bio.

He stressed that he only has one personal account which everyone knows and that the fake account attributed words to him that are completely false.

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