Fact Check: Is EDL Using Solar Panels To Supply Itself With Electricity?


A photo went viral depicting solar panels on the roof of the state-run Electricity of Lebanon (EDL) in Sidon, with claims rising that it is relying on solar energy to operate.

Claim: EDL is relying on solar power to operate.

Verdict: The claim is false.


In the past few days, a picture of the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Electricité du Liban in Sidon has spread on social media.

After checking, it was found that these panels are already on the roof of the building, but the EDL has nothing to do with them.

Rather, they belong to a private company, Mourad Electricity Company, which undertakes maintenance, and customer service matters.

Mohamed Zitouni CEO of Mourad Electricity lamented the uproar and the comments made by some on the subject, as his company aims is to serve customers 24 hours a day and night through the call center service.

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