Fact Check: Did Israel Just Fly Fighter Jets Over Sidon, Lebanon? (Video)

Press Office of the Government of Armenia

With sounds of loud jets having been heard overhead in Lebanon recently, many have been sharing a video on social media of fighter jets flying at a very low range in the sky above what was said to be Sidon, in Lebanon.

The sight certainly caused a bit of fear or panic among citizens who just don’t want more drama for their struggling country.

Claim: The video claims to be showing Israeli planes over Saida. The filmer follows the jets, panning from the sky to a city where you can see a construction tower crane, and mountains in the background, slightly resembling a Lebanese city.

Verdict: No and yes. While it turns out that the video being shared was not taken in Lebanon at all, Israeli jets were still heard flying at low altitudes above Lebanon.

Context: It’s true that loud jets were heard clearly above Beirut and the south of Lebanon today and in the past couple of days. Just, not the ones in the video.

In a statement to the NNA, UNIFIL Commander Major General Stefano Del Col said that the UNIFIL has been recording “a large number of air violations by the IDF” recently.

Del Col condemned such action and said that he has asked the IDF to stop overflying Lebanese air space.

“Such persistent violations escalate tensions and could trigger incidents endangering the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel,” he stressed.

As for those planes in the video, they are Armenian fighter jets flying above Yerevan in an air show celebrating Armenian Independence Day.

Additionally, this video shows the city from another angle showing that it is clearly not Saida.