Fact Check: Did Trump Tweet Thanking Lebanese Americans In California?


The 2020 U.S. elections are getting heated! Everyone in both America and around the world is waiting in anticipation of the final results.

Lebanese are specifically interested in the elections this year for how it’ll reflect on the economy and stability in the Middle East.

And over in America, Lebanese Americans are not shy to express their support for Trump (spot the Lebanese flag)!

Claim: U.S. President Donald Trump thanked the Lebanese American community in Beverly Hills for their support during the elections.

This photograph of what appeared to be a screenshot of a tweet by the president showed him thanking the Lebanese American community for their support is circulating on social platforms:

Did the Lebanese Americans really get recognition from their favorite president?

Verdict: “FAKE NEWS!” No, the tweet can’t be found on Twitter. It’s most likely photoshopped.

Context: The U.S. elections are important to people around the world. They’re also the talk of the town in Lebanon at the moment.

Lebanese are showing their activeness in society in all kinds of ways, like the one who voted for Nabih Berri in the U.S. elections (yes, that too!)

However, no, Trump did not take the time to tweet his thanks to his Lebanese-American supports. (Not like you should expect any different from a Lebanese leader either).

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