Fact Check: Did The UAE Suspend Visas For Lebanese Citizens?


On Tuesday evening, local media began reporting that the United Arab Emirates was no longer issuing visas for Lebanese passport holders. The news spread on social media like wildfire.

People began sharing the news via WhatsApp, Twitter, and more. Given the fact that many Lebanese seek employment in the UAE, and that many people visit their family members working in the UAE, the news caused quite a stir.

Additionally, it is one of the easiest countries for Lebanese to get visas to visit for a quick vacation.

But is it true?

Claim: Dubai immigration has stopped issuing entry permits and visas for a dozen countries, including Lebanon, until further notice.

Some claimed that it was a precaution for the coronavirus spread.

Verdict: Not true.

Context: Lebanon’s ambassador to the UAE, Fouad Dandan, announced that he contacted the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and confirmed there was no official decision for the information that was being spread.

In addition, The961 learned from a source close to Dubai’s immigration office that this news is fake and that it happened before that same fake news was spread.