A Factory Exploded In Lebanon Causing A Massive Fire

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On Thursday noon, a loud explosion was heard by residents of the town of Ain Saade in the Metn area.

A fire began spreading from the factory to the surrounding forests in the area. Huge dark clouds of smoke rose above the town.

Luckily, the Lebanese Civil Defense was quick to respond and work to extinguish the fire.

It was later reported that the explosion took place in a perfume filling factory/lab, Saga Concept, in the industrial part of the town.

Apparently, the explosion was caused by a gas leak and started a fire, injuring five people, and causing damages to nearby factories, according to NNA. Luckily, the injuries were deemed minor.

Lebanon is experiencing a heatwave that began on Tuesday. It has caused multiple fires across the country.

On Tuesday, NNA reported that the Civil Defense had 58 missions in 24 hours! They put out fires in forests, orchards, houses, and more.

People are suffering in the heat coupled with electricity cuts and no power for ACs or fans. In addition, Lebanon just entered its 2-week lockdown.

Luckily, the heatwave is believed to pass by Friday and, hopefully, give the firefighters and residents a break.

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