Fact Check: Did Fairouz Really Pass Away?

On the evening of Friday, May 22nd, people panicked upon hearing that Fairouz had possibly passed away at 84 years old.

She has not been making many public appearances since her prime, and hearing that she died would be adding to a terrible year for the Lebanese nation.

So the real question is, is it true?


In a matter of two hours, the rumor went around that Fairouz passed away in the AUB Medical Center. People online were distressed. The rumor spread like wildfire.



The press office of the Lebanese artist Ziad Rahbani denied the rumors that have shaken the nation regarding Lebanon’s icon Fairouz.

In addition, Russia Today stated that Fairouz is in good health, according to Al-Joumhouria.

Furthermore, An-Nahar has also confirmed that she is in good health and stays inside her home.


Fairouz is a national icon and is loved universally. The news of her death would devastate Lebanon, the Middle East, and beyond.

As journalist Imane Ibrahim put it: “As if we didn’t have enough to make 2020 even worse, we get to hear the bad news about Fairouz. The great artist is fine. The person who spread the rumor is surely not mentally stable.”

Rumors like this happen every year, but fortunately the Lebanese most loved singer is fine.

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