9 Songs By Fairouz You Should Add To Your Christmas Playlist

These amazing Christmas songs of Lebanon’s icon Fairouz are not only timeless but remain popular, as they continue to be sung by the Lebanese during this season.

So if you are preparing your playlist for Christmas day, you can’t possibly miss including these ones!

#1 Talj Talj (Snow, snow)

#2 Kenna nzayin shajra zghire (We used to decorate a small tree)

#3 Laylet Eid (Christmas Eve)

#4 Ayyad Al Layl (The Night Celebrated)

#5 Najmet Eid (Christmas’ Star)

#6 Rouh Zouroun Bi Baytoun (Go visit them in their homes)

#7 Daouyi Bilayeli Sa3ida- (Glow with happy nights)

#8 Hallelujah – Christmas Carol

#9 Baddi Khaberkon (I want to tell you a story)

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