Fairuz Just Released A Remix Of “Adaysh Kan Fe Nas” & We Can’t Stop Replaying It


The Lebanese icon and “ambassador to the stars” Fairuz just released a remix of one of her most popular songs “Adaysh Kan Fe Nas”.

The song was originally written by Al-Rahbani brothers and produced by Ziad Al-Rahbani, and has now been remixed by Lofi.

Fairuz songs are rich in meaning and metaphors. The Rahbani family has always portrayed a whole scene and introduced a whole new universe in each one of their produced songs.

Their ingenuity, along with Fairuz’s splendid voice, made them not only unique in the Middle East and the West, but also timeless.

“Adaysh Kan Fe Nas” is a beautiful song that reflects the feelings of someone filled with loneliness and nostalgia as she waits for their lover to come even under the rain, yet no one is waiting for her.

This remix is very catchy with beats that merge the old with the new, reviving her traditional song with a twist of modernity

One can only wonder if the purpose of the revival of this song now surges from what the Lebanese people have been going through, waiting for what they most long for while being disregarded.

Fairuz is the most iconic Lebanese singer of all time and a leading vocalist and legend in the Middle East and beyond. Her songs and theater plays are always in the minds of the Lebanese people as she is part of Lebanese history and heritage.

She has been widely recognized as an outstanding singer promoting peace and unity through her songs and stances and was honored by French President Macron with France’s Legion Of Honor.

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