Rima Fakih Appointed 2020 Ambassador Of Children Cancer Center in Lebanon

On the occasion of the International Children’s Cancer Day on the 15th of February and the International Cancer Day that happened on February 4th, The Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon (CCCL) declared Rima Fakih, a Lebanese-American and former Miss USA 2010, the Ambassador of its center for the year 2020.

In a statement, the CCCL said that Rima Fakih had made two visits to the center, in 2012 and 2018, and expressed her interest in supporting it and helping in raising awareness and funds.

The statement explained that her active support will focus especially outside Lebanon, considering that the center has an “extensive network of relationships and a large number of followers around the world.”

“Rima’s strong desire to help the center, her delicate human sense, her great heart, and her dedication to serving the cause of treating children with cancer are elements that make her an ideal ambassador for the center,” the statement elaborated.

The CCCL expressed their hope that Rima’s support will motivate others “especially the Lebanese and Arabs all over the world” to help them as well so they can continue with their mission despite the difficult current situation.

The center has been providing treatment to about 300 children without charging their families any cost, and they are in need of funds to continue treating these hundreds of kids suffering from cancer.

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بالنسبة الكن هني مرضى سرطان. بالنسبة النا هني جيسي وراما ومهدي وعلي ومينيرفا وريان… هني ولاد عندن وجوه وقصص واحلام وطموحات. جيسي بدا تكتب كتاب. ووليد بدو يعمل مصمم. وراما تركتنا قبل ما تصير معلمة. منتذكر راما كل يوم. بدمعة؟ اكيد. بس كمان بابتسامة. ليش؟ لانو ضميرنا مرتاح انو عملنا كل شي، والباقي كان عمل الله. بس ما كان فينا نقول هيك لو السبب يلي تركتنا راما كرمالو كان انو ما في تمويل كافي. ما كان ضميرنا وضميركن مرتاح لولا دعمكن. كل واحد من قلبو. اليوم اطلقنا صندوق إنقاذ المركز Rescue Fund لنستمر بمهمتنا. دعمونا اليوم. نحن بحاجة الكن. احلامن وطموحاتن بحاجة الكن. للتبرّع: http://cccl.org.lb/RescueFund To you, they are cancer patients. To us they are Jessy, Rama, Mahdi, Ali, Minerva, Rayan… They are kids with faces and stories, dreams and aspirations. Jessy wants to write a book. Walid wants to become a designer. Rama left us before she became a teacher. We remember Rama every day. With tears? Yes. But with a smile as well. Why? Because we are positive that we did all we can. The rest was God's will. But we can only say this because we know that the reason Rama left us was not because we didn't have enough funds. We know this because of your support. Each and everyone of you. Today we launch the Rescue Fund to be able to continue with our mission. Donate to us today. We need you. Their dreams and aspirations need you. To donate please visit: http://cccl.org.lb/RescueFund #CCCLRescueFund #CCCL #iLoveCCCL #SavingLives_CelebratingHope #UnitedAgainstCancer

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According to the center, the average cost of treatment per year is 55,000 dollars per kid. Rima Fakih will be working this year to cover the treatment of ten kids at the center, by raising 550,000 dollars in funds.

From her side, Rima Fakih expressed her happiness with this new responsibility, posting on her social media accounts that she’s very proud to be the CCCL Ambassador. “Since I first visited CCCL, this cause has been dear to my heart.”

Since 2002, CCCL has treated over 1,740 kids, and Rima is now calling on the public and her fans to join her in that fight for saving lives. She said, “CCCL needs the help the most and – as a mother – I will give the kids my voice, help, and time!”

Inaugurated in April 2002, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is an NGO, affiliated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (St. Jude) in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Its main vision is to provide access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination.

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