10+ Amazing Fall Hangout Spots In Lebanon You Need To See

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Fall in Lebanon is a magical time. The mountains, the valleys, the waterfalls, they all look a hundred times richer during this time of the year.

It is the time when the weather cools down while mother nature paints itself in a rhapsody of yellow and amber while keeping most of its (Lebanese) green feature.

If you are wondering where to catch that fall beauty for a little fun and peace of mind, let this list be your guide.

#1 Akoura Waterfall

This waterfall is beautiful all year long. However, during fall, it becomes mesmerizing. Sure, the water is chilling, but the scenery is something to live for.

#2 Taanayel

Taanayel in the Bekaa is a place full of trees and natural scenes. The lake is amazing and the walk there is even better as you immerse in the gorgeous surrounding.

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#3 Lebanon’s wineries

Wineries during the Lebanese falls are always a very charming sight. Well, lucky us, cause Lebanon is full of wineries! Enjoy the amazing scenery while wasting some of the best wine in the world.

#4 El-Laqlouq

El-Laqlouq is a beautiful Lebanese town that is especially attractive during this time of the year. Take a walk, discover the place, or go hiking, you will enjoy your time either way.

#5 Bkassine Pine Forest

This forest in Jezzine is a paradise. Imagine having a picnic, sitting on the colorful leaves with trees all around you! You can also stay the night in the heart of nature at La Maison de La Foret.

#6 Qadisha Valley

Go to Qadisha Valley where the colorful leaves cover the ground in many spots and be ready to fall in love with mother nature, once again.

#7 Lake Chouwen

Lake Chouwen is one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon. An Eden on earth, it is particularly beautiful during this season.

#8 The Chill Hill Experience

This place in Wata El Joz, Kesserwan is just perfect for this time of the year. You can rent your own cabin overlooking the pond lake and have a weekend to remember.

#9 Bouyouti

Escape to Bouyouti’s accommodation and guest house this Autumn. This place is located in the middle of Maaser Beiteddine mountains at Chouf, Lebanon.

Bouyouti – Chouf

#10 Ammiq

So you’re in Lebanon and it’s Autumn? What other place to go than Bekaa! The drive there is magical and also the surrounding. You can opt to stay for the weekend at a guesthouse, like Beit Ammiq guesthouse in the Bekaa Valley.

#11 Al-Barouk, Chouf Nature Reserve

The Cedars don’t get altered a bit by the fall, yet the season adds its magic touch all around them. This is a great place to hang out and enjoy blissful peace.

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