Families Of Beirut Fire Bridgade Victims Express Full Trust In Judge Bitar

This Is What Judge Bitar Told The Families Of Beirut Blast Victims
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In a press statement issued on Thursday, families of firefighters who were killed by the August 4 Beirut Port Explosion expressed complete trust and support for Judge Tarek Bitar.

“We are his voice on the ground,” they said. The families called on all Lebanese to join them in a painful remembrance on August 4th in a march carrying pictures of the martyrs and voice out people’s pain inside the Beirut Port.

They added that there will be no political presence.

Their statement followed a press release by the Lebanese Parliament which, in essence, held Judge Bitar responsible for turning public opinion against the MPs.

The Parliament implied that Judge Bitar was controlled by external forces and called on him to put an end to “this abused” because it is an offense to the families of the victims.

Notably, MPs tried but failed to gain enough signatures for a petition requesting the formation of an investigative committee parallel to Judge Bitar’s.

In its recent statement, the Parliament affirmed its intention and right to form the committee void of things that would obstruct justice.

However, the move in itself was widely regarded as an obstruction of justice.

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