Families Of The Disappeared Commemorated 47 Years Of The Advent Of The Lebanese Civil War

@AdhamMG | @salmanonline

On Wednesday, the Committee of Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared during the Lebanese civil war commemorated in Beit Beirut the 47 years of the onset of the war.

The families wanted to remind everyone and especially the current political class of the fate of approximately 17,000 missing persons.

For 47 years, the families are still demanding to know what happened to their loved ones. Many had disappeared without ever returning.

The parents, the siblings, and the children are still waiting to get an answer and are still demanding the truth.

The video below shared by journalist Salman Andari on Twitter represents the heartbreaking lingering pain of the families. A mother in her 80s still waiting for her son who was kidnapped in June 1982 when he was 22 years old.

The Lebanese Civil War, which started with a PLO attack in Ain-El-Remmaneh on April 13th, 1975, developed into a multifaceted armed conflict within 6 months, spreading all over Lebanon.

It divided the country and the people into multiple factions, caused extensive destruction, and opened the doors wide to external players with their own mutual conflicts and their greed for the Lebanese land.

It resulted in an estimate of 120,000 fatalities, massive internal displacements, and about a million people migrating to safer countries.

The war was brought to a final end by the Taif Agreement in 1990, yet many did not return home to their families.

17,000 people are still missing and their families have been left with no closure to date.