Shocking Number Of Lebanese Families Registered On The DAEM Program For Help

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Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

After two months of the launching of the Social Safety Net Program “DAEM”, the registration ended with 582,660 Lebanese families registered for help.

Impact Lebanon, the leading Lebanese e-governance platform, uploaded the data, showing the following:

1,472,523 Lebanese citizens needed to get on the Social Safety Net Program “DAEM” across 26 districts in Lebanon since its launch on November 30, 2021.

The highest numbers of registrations are from the Baabda district, recording 62,290 registered individuals, 60,447 in Akkar, and 44,823 in Baalbek.

However, these figures are controversial at best, considering that Akkar and Baalbek, and also Tripoli, are the most disadvantaged areas in Lebanon, having been long neglected, and witnessing an alarming increase in poverty in recent times.

These numbers are not an accurate indication of the Lebanese population in need of help since many, if not most, in impoverished areas don’t have access to cellphones or the internet to be able to register.

Despite that, the indicated number of registered people needing help in Lebanon is worrying, not to mention the number of unemployed. More than half (58,82%) of the registered individuals stated that they are unemployed.

Mass unemployment, hunger, and families rationing their food have become a painful reality in Lebanon where thefts and crimes have been increasing, yet not necessarily out of hunger.

Several reports from different international organizations have warned that 3 in 10 children in Lebanon have stopped their education, and many kids are at grave risk of malnutrition.

That’s to add that 80% of the Lebanese population lack access to basic rights and necessities.

Meanwhile, as the crises continue to develop and expand, the ruling body is lagging far behind, unable or unwilling to put an end to the catastrophic situation and save the people they had vowed to serve and protect.

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