12 Family Activities To Do In Ehden, Lebanon

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The mountain town of Ehden is one of Lebanon’s oldest towns, dating back to the BCE period. It is in the Zgharta District and is a popular summer destination when it is most crowded.

#1 Enjoy the road trip getting there

Situated 110 kilometers from Beirut and around 40 km from Tripoli, Ehden is a road trip destination that is most enjoyable.

Driving from Beirut, you can admire the changing cityscapes from the capital to the north and up through the various towns’ views as you reach the mountain. Blast your favorite playlist and enjoy the ride!

#2 Take a stroll in Al-Midan

Begin and end your day in the heart of Eden in Al-Midan, the historic town square that’s full of cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

Here you can take a nice stroll, grab a bite or a drink, and enjoy the chill and laid back downtown vibes.

#3 Try some of Ehden’s many eateries

Ehden is famous for its cuisine. People from all over Lebanon seek out the town’s restaurants for exquisite and authentic taste. The most notable dish is the Kibbeh eqrass.

#4 Visit Saydet El Hosn overlooking the North

The Lady of the Fortress is a historical and iconic church in Ehden, overlooking a vast panoramic view of her town and beyond, making it feel as if you’re on top of the world.

#5 Take a hike in Ehden Nature Reserve

Ehden nature reserve is one of eight protected reserves in Lebanon. It is home to many unique creatures. The reserve, locally known as Horsh Ehden, is one of the most popular sites for hiking.

#6 Visit the valley of Qannoubine

Carved by the Nahr Abu Ali (Abu Ali River) is the Valley of Qannoubine, also known as Kadisha Valley, with Kadisha or Qadisha translating to Holy in Aramaic. There are many guided hikes and tours to the valley that you can participate in.

#7 Camp the night away under Ehden starry sky

Set up camp and awe at the night sky. You might even catch some shooting stars.

#8 Have fun in the snow during winter

During the winter, Ehden is blanketed in snow. Many people from surrounding towns take the short trip to Ehden to see the snow instead of making the trip to Arez or Faraya.

#9 Escape the heat of the city during summer

Many people drive up to the mountain town to spend summer days. In fact, many Zghartanians have summer homes in Ehden and spend the winter in Zgharta.

#10 Visit the Monastery of St. Anthony of Qozhaya

Surrounded by oak and pine trees, Qozhaya is one of the oldest monasteries in Qadisha Valley. Fun fact: Here is where the first printing press of the Middle East was installed in 1584.

#11 Enjoy the adventure/daredevil activities

Okay, this may not be for the faint of heart or for the kids. But if your family is a bunch of thrillseekers, then you’ll enjoy the various adventure activities to do in Ehden such as paragliding, zip-biking, caving, mountain climbing, and more.

#12 Watch the scenic sunset

There’s nothing like ending the day watching the horizon’s changing colors from the mountains.

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