Family In Lebanon Shut Down Their Gas Station After Son Killed Over Fuel

Ghais Masry

Prompted by the lack of security and multiple incidents with casualties at their gas station, the family of Ghais Masry has decided to totally close their business after their son was killed in a violent dispute over fuel.

It has been 2 months since the violent dispute claimed the life of the 24-year-old in Bebnine, Akkar, North Lebanon. The attack, which took place at the family-owned gas station, was the first of a string of clashes that erupted over petrol in gas station queues across the country. 

After the incident, there was intense retaliation over his death. The family of the shooter condemned the violence and the perpetrator reportedly handed himself over to the authorities.

Nevertheless, the Masry family continued to request security presence at the gas station to maintain calm and avoid further clashes and bloody incidents. But the lack of security eventually prompted the family’s final decision to totally shut down their business amid fuel shortages to avoid problems. 

“Of course, the decision was because it has become too much of a burden to supply gas to the people. Fights break out very often, my cousin was murdered, my uncle was shot in the leg and has been unable to walk without crutches, and another uncle was struck in the eye,” family member Yasser El Masri told The961.

“The tankers supplying the station are also being attacked and the contents stolen. Even if you close the station off with tape, people will still call you constantly asking for favors, so the best thing was to remove the pumps altogether to end this madness,” he explained.

“The family has asked the authorities constantly for security and to provide some agents of the law to protect it but it’s always short-lived or nonexistent,” he said.

It’s worth noting that this family’s gas station had supplied diesel for electricity for multiple villages in Akkar as well as gas to people everywhere.

Explaining how the loss of such a major gas station is a huge loss for the whole region, Yasser said, “It’s a sad day but the insanity has gone beyond what is acceptable especially with the toll it has taken on the family.”

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Family In Lebanon Shut Down Their Gas Station After Son Killed Over Fuel

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