A Family Feud Escalated Overnight Into Wide Armed Clashes In North Lebanon

@dodyuser / sst-times

An old family feud escalated into intense armed clashes between the members of two families in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Fueled by a bad history between the families, members of one family in Bab al-Hadid proceeded on Saturday night to fire heavy ammunition towards the house of the opposed family, which pushed the latter to return fire. It unfurled into night-long armed clashes.

A resident of Bab al-Hadid told The961 that the clashes occurred between the Jenzarli and the Othman families. The resident also told us that those clashes are “the most intense ones witnessed in Tripoli since 2014.”

The armed conflict soon expanded to other areas that included the fish market and the copper market in Tripoli.

The Lebanese Army was quick to intervene, surrounding the area, and searching for the suspected shooters.

The clash ended with two injuries and material damages, which included damaged cars and broken windows and water containers.

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