This Farmers’ Market Is Delivering Lebanese Meals To People At Home During Lockdown


Souk el Tayeb, the weekly farmers’ market that promotes small-scale farmers and Lebanese products in Lebanon, is now officially delivering Tawlet’s products and meals.

Tawlet, a Lebanese restaurant that evolved under the Souk el-Tayeb umbrella, is now offering weekly delivery services to satisfy your Lebanese food cravings during Lebanon’s full lockdown.

Using only the freshest ingredients, Tawlet’s daily specials are all sourced from their own farmer’s market.

Ranging from traditional lebanese salads, appetizers, sizzling platters, and so much more. Tawlet also perfects the art of Lebanese sweets, so make sure you save some space on your dining table for their heavenly delights!

Founder of Souk El Tayeb, Kamal Mouzawak, started this innovation 17 years ago to allow local producers to venture into a stronger capital.

Mouzawak recounted to The961 the journey this past year dealing with the pandemic. Back in March, when the lockdown first began, Souk El Tayeb launched Dekenet. An initiative to give people access to their favorite products from the Souk El Tayeb Farmers’ Market.

“This move allowed the farmers and producers of Souk El Tayeb to overcome the challenges of the economic crisis in addition to the pandemic,” he said.

With Lebanon’s latest lockdown extended till February 8th, “Dekenet” of Souk el-Tayeb is also available for the delivery of all the basic food necessities.