Farmers In Lebanon Call On UNHCR To Stop “Refugee Aggressions” On Their Lands

Farmers In Lebanon Want UNHCR To Stop Alleged "Refugee Aggressions" On Their Land
@saharbsat | Markus Spiske

The agricultural syndicate and relevant authorities in the Bekaa region called upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to intervene immediately to stop “refugee aggressions” on their lands.

According to them, refugees have been repeatedly trespassing on their farmed lands, specifically in the Terbol, Hechmech, and Dalhamiyeh hills, and stealing their crops, especially potatoes.

The syndicate indicated in its statement that while “the UNHCR refuses any hostility towards refugees” the organization is not dealing with the “legal violations the refugees commit” against the farmers.

The syndicate stressed that this issue is very dangerous, calling on the UNHCR to break its silence and idleness in that regard as the hardworking farmers are paying the biggest price.

They threatened to raise their complaints to the security and judicial authorities if the alleged “carelessness of the UNHCR” continues.

This comes at a time when farmers in Lebanon are suffering more than ever amidst dire living conditions, made even worse after Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade on the export of Lebanese agricultural products due to smuggling.

It is to note that Bekaa is the most important region in Lebanon for farming as it encompasses the largest part of the country’s agricultural industry.

It produces a large variety of vegetables and fruits, which are not only vital locally. They constitute a large part of Lebanon’s exports.

In today’s crisis-stricken Lebanon, the Bekaa region represents most of what is left of a struggling agricultural industry. A disregard for its farmers’ plea does impact the country as a whole.

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