Lebanon’s Aquatic Life In 20+ Fascinating Photos & Videos

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Life under the sea is such a mysterious fascination and, under the beautiful blue-green surface of Lebanon’s sea, there is a colorful world that beats with life, mindful of their own business and survival, and mostly at peace, away from the politics of the land.

From playful sea turtles to magnificent jellyfish, Lionfish, and even sharks, here’s a small look into that diverse world that is very much part of Lebanon and that we don’t get to often see and admire.

Sea turtles


Octopus: the alien under the sea

Jellyfish: the sea’s graceful immortal beings

Lionfish: the showy species

Shark, yes, shark!

This is proof to anyone who told you Lebanon didn’t have sharks!

Colorful fish

More lionfish!

Nudibranch aka pretty “sea slugs”

Fangtooth Eel

Goniobranchus annulatus: the species of very colorful sea slug

Hermit crab


Sting ray

More fascinating sights

You can experience Lebanon’s underwater world with these local scuba diving schools.

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