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32 Fascinating Pictures Of Majestic Animals You Might Come Across In Lebanon


Lebanon’s real beauty is not man-made but a priceless multifaceted gift of mother nature to the inhabitants of this land. From awe-striking valleys and mountains to fascinating caves and grottos, and enchanting wildlife, Lebanon is an Eden which existence many tend to overlook.

Lebanon, in fact, is home to a variety of precious and majestic wildlife, from unique and colorful birds to enchanting mammals, and many of them are protected within Biosphere reserves across the country.

Wild, undomesticated, and free, these are some animals you might come across in nature in Lebanon.


Striped Hyena

Mountain Gazelle


European Roller

Arabian Gazelle

Long Eared Hedgehog

Red Deer

Nubian Ibex


Wild Boar

European Bee Eater

Japanese Sika Deer




Fallow Deer

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32 Fascinating Pictures Of Majestic Animals You Might Come Across In Lebanon

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