Meet Aziza Sbaity, The Fastest Woman In Lebanese History


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Aziza Sbaity recently won the gold medal at the Arab Championships, securing her title as the fastest woman in Lebanese history.

Aziza was Lebanon’s only gold medalist at the games. The sprinter won gold in the 200-meter race and the silver medal in the 100-meter competition.

She also holds the national record for the 100m sprint and is set to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. However, her path to success was not easy.

Although Aziza attended an international school in Libya during her early childhood, her parents raised her with a strong sense of Lebanese patriotism. Upon moving to Lebanon at the age of 10, Aziza, unfortunately, faced racism and bullying at school due to her darker skin.

She discovered her passion for running in her early teenage years. Sports helped her overcome her hardships and gave her a reason to be happy. It played an essential role in shaping and defining her identity.

Her coaches recognized her potential and encouraged her to participate in championships. In 2009, she was chosen to represent her country at the Jeux de la Francophonie (The 6th Francophone Games) and has continued competing since.

After securing medals in numerous national and international competitions, Aziza was supposed to participate in the 2020 Olympics but was later canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When not on the track, the athlete is pursuing her master’s degree in Olympic Studies and Sports Policies, further proving her dedication and drive to succeed.

Her mother resides in the United States, but Aziza chose to stay in Lebanon due to the opportunities the country could provide for her future.

Aziza speaks about her role in representing Lebanon and reshaping people’s perceptions of Lebanese women. Being a Lebanese woman transcends any predetermined notions of shape or color for her.

She is eager to use her platform to raise awareness about racism in Lebanon and to redefine societal stereotypes.

Now, at 31, Aziza Sbaity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as she sets her sights on winning the gold in the 2024 Olympics.

العربية Français

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