We Became The Fastest Growing & Most Popular Lebanese Site In Just 6 Months!

It’s been quite the journey since launching the961 in July of 2016. I’d like to say it was a long journey but honestly, it’s only been 6 months. In the 6 months, we became the fastest growing Lebanese site and as of December, we were the most popular Lebanese site. I’d also like to say it’s been a hard journey – but it hasn’t. It’s actually been so much fun to be able to start and develop something I’m so passionate about, which is Lebanon. The number of messages and support we’ve been receiving from everyone thanking us for our work and for promoting Lebanon has been very heartwarming. It has and continues to motivate us to keep doing what we’re doing. You may be wondering why I switched from talking as 

to referring to the961 as 


. That’s because we now have contributors writing on the961 and much more who have contacted us interested in

writing for us

. These are contributors who have the same mission and passion for Lebanon and promoting our beautiful country. Now it wouldn’t be fair for us to claim to be the fastest growing site in Lebanon and the most popular one without showing proof, right?

Fastest Growing Lebanese Site

And Most Popular Lebanese Site

This refers to the percentage of all traffic for this past month. We received 58% of all traffic going to Lebanese blogs. We credit our quick success to your great support and constant feedback. Over the past few months, we’ve reached out to the Lebanese community within and outside of our viewers to get your feedback. We’ve not only taken your feedback into consideration but we’ve also quickly made changes to reflect your feedback. We’ve done the following:

  • Shifted away from politics
  • Changed our servers to make our website faster and safer.
  • We’ve made a (significant) reduction in the number of ads on the site by 54%.

This is why we constantly look to get feedback from our viewers. There will be quite a few major announcements coming up this year and we’re excited that you will be a part of it! We credit our quick growth and success to our Lebanese viewers all over the world who share our mission of promoting the positive side of Lebanon. Thank you, Lebanon and Happy New Year!

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