Man In Lebanon Arrested For Burning Son As ‘Punishment’

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On Friday, an outrageous incident took place in Lebanon. A father inflected burns on his son in the most horrific way, leaving the child wounded and scarred.

Media outlets shared the news of the abuse before the father’s arrest, rightfully calling him a “monster.”

The kid is a 10-year-old Syrian boy, identified as M.S., and reportedly residing in Ain El-Remmeneh in Beirut. According to the Internal Security Forces, the boy works in a vegetable shop.

The abuser is identified as Y.S., a Syrian born in 1975. This man decided to commit this horrible act to punish his son for arriving home late.

That barbaric “punishment” was not done in a moment of angry reaction. The man used a heated knife to inflict burns on his young son’s face and hand, which would have required that he takes the time to heat the knife.

The father, who indeed doesn’t deserve this title, was arrested soon after the news of the monstrous incident got out.

The ISF’s statement came following: “Immediately, as a result of the investigations carried out by the Southern District Judicial Detachment in the Judicial Police Unit, it was able to determine the identity and whereabouts of the father, and arrest him on 10/22-2020 in the old Saida Road locality… After interrogating the father, he admitted what was attributed to him.”

The authorities also took the testimony of the child who recounted how his father burned him and for what reason.

The man was taken into custody, where he belongs, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.

Needless to emphasize that this horrifying abuse of parental authority against a vulnerable kid is a crime that must be punished by the law. Corporal punishment of any kind is violence and assault, a violation of basic human rights, which no one is entitled to, not even parents.

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