FBI Denies Claims About Initial Beirut Blast Findings

Hussein Malla/AP | @FBI (Instagram)

Desperate for answers after the tragic Beirut blast, people will consider any claim or alleged shred of evidence that could offer insight into the background/origin of the explosion.

Yesterday, MTV reported, citing a source inside the FBI, that the FBI had reason to consider the Beirut blast was a premeditated crime rather than an accident.

The961 reached out to the American Embassy in Beirut which was not immediately available for comment.

Later, however, an FBI spokesperson made a comment saying, “No such conclusion has been reached.”

Ever since the FBI joined the investigation, Lebanon has anxiously been waiting for updates on its findings.

It is safe to say that the majority of hurting Lebanese put more trust in the FBI’s findings than that of the local investigation.

It is just a matter of time the FBI makes a statement regarding its findings. However, this wasn’t it.

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