FBI Reports No Conclusion Whether Beirut Blast Was Intentional Or Not

Hussein Malla/AP

Two months after joining the investigation at the invitation of Lebanese authorities, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation states that it has not reached a firm conclusion regarding what caused the blast.

The FBI arrived in Beirut in mid-August following the August 4 Beirut Port explosion and left with samples from ground zero.

On Monday, the FBI handed its investigative report into the blast to Lebanese investigative Judge Fadi Sawan, who is currently waiting for similar reports from French and British explosives experts.

When asked about whether the explosion was accidental or not, an FBI spokeswoman said, “No such conclusion has been reached,” adding that further questions should be directed to the Lebanese authorities.

According to Reuters, other U.S. and European government agencies looking into investigations of the explosion strongly believe it was an accident.

Earlier this month, local media cited sources close to the FBI to report that the bureau has reason to believe the explosion was a deliberate act of sabotage, but the FBI quickly denied this.

After the devastation, mourning residents are still waiting for answers and closure from the investigation, yearning for justice.

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