Femicide Rate In Lebanon Increased By 300%

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The recent escalation of violence against women in Lebanon is indeed alarming and demands urgent attention.

However, amidst these troubling circumstances, it is crucial to recognize the remarkable efforts of organizations and NGOs that have long been committed to addressing women’s issues in the country.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, including the current challenging situation in Lebanon, these organizations have persistently worked to provide support, advocacy, and resources to women in need.

Recently, the non-profit organization ABAAD has reported a disturbing surge in the number of women murdered in 2023, with an alarming increase of 300%.

A total of 29 women lost their lives during the year, highlighting the urgent need for action in the face of escalating violence against women, the report stated.

According to ABAAD incidents of violence against women have risen sharply, with hotline complaints to the Ministry of Interior reaching 767 in 2023, averaging 64 complaints per month.

The organization emphasized the critical importance of reporting such crimes and urged swift action from the Internal Security Forces to investigate and prosecute perpetrators.

Furthermore, Lebanon saw a significant uptick in sexual assault, with 172 victims reported in 2023 compared to the previous year.

ABAAD stressed the urgent need for tougher penalties to deter such crimes and protect women from harm.

These alarming statistics underscore the pressing need for immediate and effective measures to address violence against women in Lebanon.

As the number continues to rise, it is imperative that authorities and society as a whole take decisive action to ensure the safety and well-being of all women and young girls in Lebanon.

Additionally, it is incumbent upon each individual to speak out and raise awareness within their respective sphere of influence.

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