Feminists In Lebanon Raise Their Voices Against The Demeaning Status Of Women


On Saturday, members of Bassmeh, a Lebanese community-based organization advocating for the empowerment of women, along with women and men activists met at Martyr’s Square to advocate for women’s rights.

The protesters wanted to affirm that women’s rights are privileged political issues and that reforms can not take place if women were left behind, “so we stress that women’s issues are at the heart of our revolution’s permanent issues over the ruling system”.

“We consider that the injustice inflicted on women in personal status laws is nothing but a reflection of the ugliness of this system, in which its politicians meet with the men of their religion to perpetuate and deepen division, violence, and marginalization,” added the protesters.

During the sit-in, the protesters held slogans like “Where is motherhood? They stole it!” and “Patriarchal system kills”.

The protesters also commented that Mother’s Day is a great occasion to affirm that it will not be the only day to renew activism against toxic masculinity, but “will remain on fire as long as the ruling system continues its violence against women in particular and citizens in general”.

Lebanese women and mothers still have a long way to assure basic human rights, whether being able to take custody of their children after divorce or being able to give their Lebanese citizenship to their children.

Many Lebanese mothers are still working hard, and many achieving great successes abroad, but meanwhile, they are struggling in their mother country due to the “rarity” of female lawmakers in the Lebanese parliament, essential to pass rules aimed at giving Lebanese women more rights.

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