Lebanese Feminists Call To Participate In The Regional Strike Against Femicide This Week

CNN Arabic

Feminists and associations concerned with women’s rights declared July 6 a day of the women’s general solidarity against the murders of women.

The calls for action received positive reactions in a number of Middle Eastern countries, especially Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan.

This allowed activists and feminists on social media to support women’s issues and their rights, calling for everyone to participate in the strike.

Fe-male, a Lebanese NGO, shared on its social media platforms the statement of the general women’s strike movement and called for all Lebanese women to participate.

The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering (RDFL) also declared its support for the strike and called for the contribution of not only the Lebanese but also all women in the Middle East.

Many also considered that the death sentence for the killer of the Egyptian student Naira Ashraf is not enough, but rather that everyone should participate in the strike to support all women and to prevent these crimes from being repeated.

On the other hand, some considered that this move will not achieve any result. Those who do not believe in feminist movements think that this strike is nothing but propaganda.

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