New Lawsuit By Minister Fenianos Halts The Beirut Blast Investigation, Again

Jo Kassis/Pexels | SBI

Former Minister of Public Works and Transports Youssef Fenianos has filed again a lawsuit against Judge Tarek Bitar, the lead investigator into the Beirut Blast, forcing him to halt his work, once again, until a further decision is taken.

Fenianos is asking for the dismissal of Judge Bitar based on that he considers him unqualified to interrogate him.

Fenianos is suspected of negligence in the August 4th Beirut Port Blast, which killed more than 234 persons and injured more than 6500.

An arrest warrant was issued against him in September, to which he responded with a lawsuit to remove Judge Bitar. The lawsuit was dismissed.

This is another attempt from the political class to avoid justice. According to judicial sources, 15 lawsuits have been already filed against Judge Bitar to impede his investigation.

Former ministers Khalil and Zeaiter, who are suspects in this high-profile case, tried every legal way to evade justice. They have now filed a lawsuit to the Court of Appeal to dismiss Judge Nassib Elia, for dismissing their litigation against Judge Bitar.

Judge Elia is in charge of ruling on the requests for removal against Judge Tarek Bitar and had previously dismissed the claims of Khalil and Zeaiter, allowing Judge Bitar to continue its investigation.

Alongside those legal procedures that the political class is using to avoid justice, Judge Bitar has received threats and intimidations, especially from Hezbollah that threatens him they will use other means to remove him if the legal path doesn’t work.

His predecessor, Judge Fadi Sawan, was also a target of threats and was ultimately dismissed by similar legal procedures.

Meanwhile, Judge Bitar is holding strong onto his mission for justice and has reassured the families of the victims that the pressures and threats will not make him back down.

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