Women Fight At Beirut Airport Because Someone Used ‘Wasta’ To Cut In Line (Video)

The Daily Star/Mohammad Azakir l the961

There’s a really weird concept that we have in Lebanon and that, unfortunately, people have learned to live with… This concept is Wasta

And when you really think about it, Wasta and personal connections go a long way here. This is really controlling the country and affecting the daily lives of the Lebanese. Many competent people, for example, have been denied jobs that they are more than qualified for because someone who knows someone got it through Wasta.

This concept is even what got us into the mess that we live in today… incompetent people are the cause of corruption and the deterioration of the country.

It is wrong, it needs to be changed, but as for now, Wasta still has a hold on almost all affairs in Lebanon. This video is living proof of that:

This footage was recently taken of a fight at Beirut airport. The woman in black got to cut in line because she has, you guessed it, a Wasta. This is not an uncommon phenomenon.

However, this woman got confronted by the lady in pink, and thus, a physical fight took place. The woman in black then proceeded to turn to the guys who helped her cut in line and repeatedly ask: “What is she [the woman in pink] doing here?”

This is an unfortunate event that shows the reality of the situation. Taking advantage of connections and trying to deceive the rules doesn’t do anyone any good… after all, couldn’t all of this fuss have been prevented if the lady in black just waited for her turn like everyone else?

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