A Fight Just Broke Out Between French UNIFIL Troops And Local Residents

An altercation occurred on Monday, February 10th, between the French U.N. peacekeeping forces and the residents of Braasheet in the district of Bint Jbeil, south of Lebanon.

According to The Daily Star, this incident took place after the French UNIFIL troops entered and took pictures at the town of Braasheet.

The UNIFIL Troops were reportedly unaccompanied by the Lebanese Army, which triggered a reaction of the residents of Bint Jbeil.

They interrupted the UNIFIL work by blocking their way and snatching their cameras. Others reportedly threw stones at them.

The UNIFIL released a statement saying that the residents blocked their path and were aggressive towards the troops, which forced the troops to take “necessary protective measures.”

The Lebanese Army Intelligence was then called on the scene and held a meeting at the town’s municipality to find a solution for the dispute.

The UNIFIL reported that it was investigating the incident and the situation is currently stable.  The reason the UNIFIL troops were surveilling the area is still unknown. 

Consequently, UNIFIL stated that “The Lebanese authorities have the primary responsibility to ensure security in the area, including the safety and freedom of movement of UNIFIL personnel.”

The UNIFIL’s job is to assist the Lebanese Government, at its request, and secure the borders and other entry points to prevent any entry in Lebanon without consent.

UNIFIL has carried many humanitarian missions in Lebanon apart from being tasked with “Blue Line” control and keeping the peace. However, citizens of southern Lebanon see them as foreign intelligence and refuse their assistance. 

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