Lebanon-Based Filipino Pretends To Be A Tourist To See If Lebanese People Will Scam Him


In their latest social experiment, the Lebanese non-profit “The World Sucks” collaborated with a Lebanon-based Filipino named Joshua Andre to test people’s reactions towards a tourist trying to exchange dollars.

Due to Lebanon’s economic crisis, the dollar rate has skyrocketed while the Lebanese pound has lost much of its value. Right now, the Lira-to-USD exchange rate has surpassed 9,000 LBP on the black market, however, the official rate is still set at 1,500 LBP per $1.

So when Andre went into the streets of Beirut with fresh USD in his hand, he might have expected to get scammed. Instead, he and the team of “The World Sucks” were able to capture people’s honesty and decency.

In response to people’s rectitude, Andre revealed that he wasn’t a tourist at all by speaking Lebanese then proceeded to present money rewards to the kind people who did not take advantage of the opportunity to rip him off.

One of those people even went on to say that he would donate the money reward to people in need.

The social experiments conducted by “The World Sucks” aim to make the world a better place by proving that good still exists and rewarding it to nurture it.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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