This Short Film By A Lebanese Expat Will Leave You In Tears

Alain M. Nakhlé l Erick

When we think about the Lebanese people in this day and age, we think about people who are going to leave, people who already left, and people who stay because they can’t leave.

One thing for sure, though, is that each and every one of us, the Lebanese, have considered to just pack our bags and go somewhere where we can live with dignity.

We don’t want to leave. We are being forced to. It’s like people are being shoved into the airplanes, and the person who is doing the shoving is telling them: “Go, there’s nothing for you here.”

The reality is… what is driving people out of their homeland is not one specific person, it’s a whole package of misfortunes, misgovernance, oppression, abuses, and hardships.

It’s years and years of working hard and getting nothing in return, of dreaming and hoping and then obtaining nothing.

Because, as it is said in this short movie made by Alain Nakhle: “Your country can’t secure you with anything!”

“It’s Not Easy To Be Lebanese” is how Alain Nakhle named his short film that very perfectly captures the dilemma of the Lebanese people, the youth especially.

The filmmaker, while talking about his personal experience being an average Lebanese citizen, is describing the lives of thousands of people who were born and lived in Lebanon.

You will see your own journey in this film, your own memories, your own struggles, and even your own thoughts.

“It’s Not Easy To Be Lebanese” is directed, written, and edited by him, Alain Nakhle, a Lebanese Film and TV Director and Senior Video Editor.

The team also includes Dany Boustany as Script Supervisor and Alain Nakhle, Stephanie Jalwan, and Mounir Jalwan doing the voice over.

Watch this amazing film that Alain dedicated to the young Lebanese:

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