There’s A Film Screening About Lebanese Hip Hop Culture Tonight!

Hip hop is a thriving culture everywhere, even in Beirut. It’s hard to imagine Beirut as a hip hop hub, mainly because we’re used to listening to Western hip hop artists. However, you’ll be surprised to know that Beirut is full of hip hop artists. Thanks to Salim Saab, a French-Lebanese journalist and radio host, we know all about the hidden culture of Lebanon. He made a film called “Beirut Street – Hip Hop in Lebanon” that talks about Lebanese hip hop. Through his camera lenses, he filmed all we need to know about Lebanese hip hop artists, rappers, beat boxers, and many different kinds of artists that are adding a nice touch to the urban scene of Lebanon. The film does not only talk about hip hop; it also takes a look at certain components of this culture such as


for example. Needless to say, Salim Saab shows us how some Lebanese people express themselves in a way that might not really be familiar with the Middle Eastern culture. Also, this film shows how peaceful this culture is. Although the artists tackle many hot topics like corruption, the atmosphere is pacific and leaves a room for discussion. Hip hop is all about freedom of expression. Saab did a great job in uncovering a new side of Beirut. He guides us through a dimension in Beirut that encompasses art, freedom of speech, and music at the same time.

Watch the film tonight!

There’s an


tonight in Radio Beirut where the film will be screened. The screening will start at 8:30 PM and will be followed by an open-mic session at 9:30 PM.