Here Are The Full & Final Results Of Lebanon’s Elections 2022

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The 2022 Lebanese parliamentary elections have finally come to an end after a dramatic period of over 2 years where Lebanon witnessed one of the largest revolutions in over a decade and a half, the Beirut Blast, a mismanaged pandemic, a spiraling economic crisis, hyperinflation of the Lebanese Lira, and an ongoing political crisis.

128 candidates have been finalized. The ruling parties raced to maintain their seats in the parliament and against the newer movements, which materialized into a full-on opposition.

Here are the candidates who made it, along with the number of votes they got.

Beirut Governate

In Beirut I, the main player was Li Watani, which won 2 seats. The main fight in this district was in gaining the threshold between the Kataeb, Lebanese Forces, and Free Patriotic Movement parties.

Beirut I (Ashrafieh, Saifi, Rmeil, Medawar)

CandidateSeatElectoral ListVotes
Ghassan Shafiq HasbaniGreek OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF) 7,080
Jihad Kareem PakradouniArmenian OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)2,186
Nicolas SehnaouiGreek CatholicWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)4,781
Hagop TerzianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)2,647
Nadim Bashir GemayelMaroniteSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)4,425
Jean TalouzianArmenian CatholicSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)4,043
Paula YacoubianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani (opposition)3,524
Cynthia Fadi ZarazeerMinoritiesLi Watani (opposition)486

In Beirut II, the real fight between Beirut Al Taghyir and Beirut Badda Kalb (Makhzoumi) had also the chance to win, against two pure-traditional parties, including a party backed by Sanioura, and another by Hezbollah and Amal, FPM, and SSNP, and the Sunni seat.

Beirut II (Ras Beirut, Minet el Hosn, Dar El Mraysse, Mazraa, Msaytbe, Zkak El Blat, Bachoura, Port)

Amin SharriShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)26363
Edgar Joseph TraboulsiEvangelical Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)2053
Mohamed KhawajaShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)5789
Ibrahim Hassan MneimnehSunniBeirut the Change (opposition)13281
Waddah Ibrahim Sade SadekSunniBeirut the Change3760
Melhem Emile KhalafGreek Orthodox Beirut the Change7141
Fouad MakhzoumiSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)10021
Adan Khader TrablousiSunni To Beirut8463
Imad Medhat el-HoutSunni This is Beirut7362
Mohamad Nabil BadrSunniThis is Beirut5631
Faiysal Afif SayeghDruzeBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)2565

Bekaa Governate

Bekaa I (Zahle)

In Bekaa I, LF and FPM had a tough fight, and each ended up securing three seats.

George Elie OkeisGreek CatholicZahle the Sovereign (LF)11921
Elias Andre EstefanGreek OrthodoxZahle the Sovereign (LF)6758
Bilal Melhem Al HashimiSunni Zahle the Sovereign (LF)3865
Rami Abu HamdanShiaZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)16539
George BoujikianArmenian OrthodoxZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)2568
Salim George AounMaroniteZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)5554
Michel George DaherGreek CatholicIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb-backed)9229

Bekaa II (West Bekaa, Rachaya)

In Bekaa II, Sahlouna Wal Jabal was fiercely competing for the Sunni seat with Yassine Yassine.

Qablan Abdel Moneim QabalanShia A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)10143
Hassan Abdel Rahim MradSunniA Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)9157
Charbel Camille MarounMaronite A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)3576
Wael Wehbe Abu FaourDruze The National Decision (PSP)9202
Ghassan Suleiman SkaffGreek OrthodoxThe National Decision (PSP)776
Yasin Ahmed YasinSunniSahlouna Wal Jabal (opposition)6004

Baalbek-Hermel Governate

Bekaa III (Baalbek – Hermel)

Hussein Hajj HassanShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)23,120
Ghazi ZeaitarShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)22,058
Ihab HamadehShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)20,844
Ali Al-MiqdadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)20,356
Ibrahim Al-MoussawiShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)19,627
Jamil Mohammed al-SayedShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)11,705
Samer Asaad el-TomGreek CatholicHope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)11,343
Yanal Mohammed SolhSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)8,764
Melhem Mohammed HojeiriSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)7,125
Antoine HabshiMaroniteBuilding the State (LF)17,000

Mount Lebanon Governate

In Mount Lebanon, I, the list that had a heavy opposition weight was Sarkhit Watan, which had a real fight with the Lebanese Forces that also won big.

In Mount Lebanon II, the opposition group MMFD’s (led by Charbel Nahhas), Nahwa el Dawla, and Jad Ghosn competed against the traditional opposition group, namely the Kataeb party and the LF, for the Maronite seat.

In Mount Lebanon IV, Unite For Change was much present as a good opposition party, as Mark Daou, and the only two women candidates in the district, Najat Saliba and Halima Kaakour, took the win, and gained three seats, whereas the other seats were taken by traditional parties.

Mount Lebanon I (Keserwan, Jbeil)

Farid Jean Heiykal KhazenMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon9,056
Nada BoustanyMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)11,338
Simon Farid Abi RamiaMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)6,239
Raed BerroShia We Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)9,508
Salim SayeghMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Frem-Kataeb)3,477
Neemat FremMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Frem-Kataeb)10,743
Chawki DaccacheMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End (LF)9,129
Ziad HawatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End (LF)13,078

Mount Lebanon II (Matn)

Elias HankachMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)6,148
Samy GemayelMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)10,466
Melhem RiachiGreek CatholicThe Free Metn (LF)15,254
Razi al-HajjMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)3,459
Hagop Ohannes PakradounianArmenian OrthodoxTogether We Are Stronger4,973
Michel MurrGreek Orthodox Together We Are Stronger8,607
Elias Bou SaabGreek OrthodoxWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)4,050
Ibrahim KanaanMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)5,513

Mount Lebanon III (Baabda)

Pierre Bou AssiMaroniteBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)14,756
Hadi Rafic Abou el-HassanDruze Baabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)10,767
Camille ChamounMaroniteBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)1,876
Ali AmmarShia The National Accord List (Amal & FPM)14,852
Alain Joseph AounMaroniteThe National Accord List (Amal & FPM)8,457
Fadi AlameShia The National Accord List (Amal & FPM)4,862

Mount Lebanon IV (Chouf, Aley)

Akram Hassan ChehayebDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)11373
Nazih Amin MattaGreek OrthodoxPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)9191
Ragy El SaadMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)8503
Marwan Mohamad HamadehDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)11121
Teymour Walid JoumblattDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)12917
George Jamil AdwanMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)11433
Bilal Ahmad AbdallahSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)8186
Cesar Raymond Abi KhalilMaroniteThe Mountain5698
Ghassan Amal AttallahGreek CatholicThe Mountain5149
Farid George Philip BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain4347
Marc Bahjat DaouDruze United for Change (opposition)11656
Najat Khatar AounMaroniteUnited for Change (opposition)9332
Halima Ibrahim QaaqourSunni United for Change (opposition)6684

Akkar Governate

The “National Moderation” list formed by Future Movement MPs – Walid Al-Baarini, Muhammad Suleiman, and Hadi Hobeish, in alliance with independent personalities – won 4 seats.

The Akkar First list headed by former MP Muhammad Yahya, in alliance with the FPM and the SSNP, got 2 seats.

The “Akkar” list, headed by former MP Talal Al-Mara’bi in alliance with the Lebanese Forces and former MP Khaled Daher, had a stable position.

North I (Akkar)

Walid BaariniSunniNational Moderation11099
Sagih AttiehGreek OrthodoxNational Moderation1948
Mohamad SleimanSunniNational Moderation11340
Ahmad RustomAlawiteNational Moderation324
Mohamed Yehya YehyaSunniAkkar First (FPM)15142
Asaad Ramez DerghamGreek OrthodoxAkkar First (FPM)5754
Jimmy George JabbourMaroniteAkkar First (FPM)8986

North Governate

North II is first in the number of electoral lists compared to the rest of the electoral districts at the level of Lebanon, as eleven electoral lists competed for 11 seats at the expense of independent civil forces that were unlikely to cause any breach.

The real fight was in the North III district, especially in the Koura region. In Batroun, Gebran Bassil got the threshold, preceded by Ghayath Yazbek, whereas Al Marada, united with SSNP won three seats, with two being in Zgharta.

The third seat in Zgharta went to Michel Moawad, who also tried to take another in Batroun.

The LF was aiming for two seats in Bcharre and one in Koura.

North II (Tripoli, Minieh, Donniyeh)

Ahmed Mahmoud Al-KhairSunni Lebanon Is Ours6100
Abdul Aziz Ibrahim el-SamadSunni Lebanon Is Ours9151
Jihad Murshid Al-SamadSunni The People’s Will7824
Taha Ateft NajiSunni The People’s Will7407
Ashraf Ahmed RifiSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)11593
Elias Fouad KhouryMaronite Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)3426
Jamil Abboud AbboudGreek Orthodox Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)79
lhab MatarSunni The Real Change6518
Firas Ahmad SalloumAlawite The Real Change370
Abdelkarim Mohammed KabbaraSunni For the People (PSP)5023
Ramy Saadallah FanjSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty (opposition)5009

North III (Zgharta, Bcharre, koura, Batroun)

Sethrida Tawk GeageaMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)7924
Fadi KaramGreek Orthodox The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)9226
Ghayath YazbechMaroniteThe Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)11094
Gebran BasilMaronite We Will Stay Here (FPM)8922
George Nehme AtallahGreek Orthodox We Will Stay Here (FPM)2698
Michel MoawadMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb-backed)9261
Adib Jerjes AbdelmassihGreek OthodoxThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb-backed)1815
Michel Chawki DouaihyMaronite Shamaluna (Opposition)1768
Tony Sleiman FrangiehMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)8945
Melhem Tawk MaroniteUnity of the North (Marada)3566

South Governate

The opposition group in South I, We Are The Change, won three seats, whereas in South II, Ma3an Lal Taghyir, the fight was about having enough threshold to win.

In South III, Ma3an Nahwa Taghyir with Elias Jrade and Firas Ismail Hamdan made a first-time breakthrough as they gained two seats at the expense of Hezbollah.

South I (Saida, Jezzine)

Abdel Rahman BizriSunni We Are the Change8526
Osama Maarouf SaadSunni We Are the Change7341
Charbel Maroun MasaadMaronite We Are the Change984
Saaed Sleiman AsmarMaronite Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine (LF)1102
Ghada Khalil AyoubGreek CatholicOur Unity in Saida and Jezzine (LF)7953

South II (Zaharani, Tyr)

Ali KhreisShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)16964
Inaya EzzedineShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)15266
Hussein Said JashiShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)27416
Hassan Mohamad Ali EzzeddineShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)27927
Nabih BerriShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)42091
Ali Adel OsseiranShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)2294
Michel Hanna MoussaGreek Catholic Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)1364

Nabatieh Governate

South III (Bent Jbeil, Nabatieh, Marjeyoun, Hasbaya)

Hassan Nizam al-Dine FadlallahShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)43324
Muhammad RaadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)48543
Ali FayadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)37047
Hani KobeissyShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)20195
Ali Hassan KhalilShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)13155
Kassem HachemSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)1215
Ayoub Fahed HmayedShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)6745
Ashraf BaydounShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)10540
Nasser Fawzi JaberShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)6236
Elias Faris JaradehGreek Orthodox Together Towards Change (opposition)9218
Firas Ismail HamdanDruze Together Towards Change (opposition)4859

Ruba Bou Kazem contributed to this article.

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