MP-Elected Revolutionary Firas Hamdan Might Take A Key Role In The Coming Parliament Session

@FirasHamdan2022 | AP

After being assaulted and gravely wounded by the parliament police during the revolution, the newly elected MP Firas Hamdan will take his first duty within the parliament, potentially with the Head of the Parliament, Nabih Berri.

With the conclusion of the parliamentary elections, the newly elected parliament will now hold its first session for the election of the council’s bureau. The election session, according to the Lebanese Consitution, must be chaired by the oldest and the youngest members.

According to Article 44 of the Constitution, the general secretariat will be carried out by one of the two youngest members present, which are Firas Hamdan and Michel El Murr.

The “president of the age”, which is still Nabih Berri, is scheduled to call for the session on May 22.

The “president of the age” will read the results of the elections, and determines according to a specific hierarchy, the first 3 older deputies and then the two younger deputies, to be chosen as temporary secretaries to assist in the session.

This first parliamentary session could be marked as historic if Firas Hamdan will come to assume that key role. He is an MP from the Lebanese Revolution and he was once wounded by the parliament police during the Thawra for change.

This most awaited session will also reflect on the new rebellious storm that has shattered the stout wall of the parliament, to become an official and vital part of it.

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