Firas Saloum, Candidate Who Won In Tripoli, Seen Celebrating With Syrian Song Pledging Loyalty To Bashar Assad (Video)

Screenshot from the video

The newly-elected MP Firas Saloum was seen celebrating and rejoicing in his victory in the parliamentary elections on the song “God, Syria, and Bashar”, which sparked a wave of anger in the North.

In response, the Islamic Group in Tripoli and the North issued a statement saying: “Today, our people in Tripoli were surprised by some videos that show Mr. Firas Al-Salloum, who won on the list of “Real Change”, celebrating in a provocative way toward every free person, and every honest person.”

They condemned his behavior, stating, “We are innocent of his actions and his words, and we declare that he does not represent us, nor does he represent the list of “Real Change” in which we were partners.”

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