Distress Among Residents As Another Fire Breaks Out In Beirut Port


A fire appears to be burning from the Beirut port, causing distress among residents of the traumatized city.

A month ago a fire at the port was the catalyst for complete and utter destruction when thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate caused one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions the world has ever seen.

Apparently, however, this fire is not “accidental”. It is a controlled fire caused by the burning of rubble and debris of the explosion of August 4th, according to the Lebanese Civil Defense.

The army has requested the Civil Defense’s support and three fire trucks are on the scene in case the fire spreads.

Efforts to extinguish the controlled fire are currently underway.

The sight of the smoke sparked panic and many are complaining that there should have been more consideration for the people who are still haunted by the sight of the port burning then exploding.

A trauma that won’t fade in years, let alone in a month, especially that Beirut is still trying to pick up its millions of pieces as it struggles to survive.