Fire Breaks Out At Zahrani Power Plant In Lebanon (Videos)

Firefighters trying to control the fire in the oil facility Ali Hankir/Reuters

A fire broke out on Monday morning in the Zahrani Oil facility in southern Lebanon, as reported by the state-run National News Agency (NNA).

The fire occurred in one of the tanks that contain benzene. Fearing that the fire spreads to other tanks, firefighters are fighting hard to extinguish it.

This event recalls the deadly fuel explosion in Akkar last August that killed 80 people.

The army has evacuated people from the area near the fire, to avoid any injuries in case of an explosion.

The Zahrani oil facility is located next to the Al-Zahrani power plants, which recently received fuel from the army to be able to continue producing electricity, as announced on Sunday by the Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayyad.

General Prosecutor Judge Rahif Ramadan has ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire, according to NNA.

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Fire Breaks Out At Zahrani Power Plant In Lebanon (Videos)

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