Team Of 10 Firefighters Are Currently Missing Following Beirut Explosion

Team of Firefighters Are Currently Missing Following Beirut Explosion
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A team of firefighters has gone missing following the explosion that shook the Lebanese capital Tuesday evening.

Responding to a fire reported at the Port of Beirut prior to the massive blast, the 10 firefighters were reported missing by Governor of Beirut Marwan Abboud, who said that contact with the crew was lost following the explosion.

Meanwhile, over 30 Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) teams, alongside civil defense teams, have been mobilized to locate and deal with casualties.

Moreover, all LRC ambulances from North Lebanon, Bekaa, and South Lebanon were urgently called to the explosion site.

As the number of casualties grows, with the newest reports stating 25 killed and 2500 injured as of the time of writing, hospitals are requesting urgent blood donations of all blood types.

A large number of casualties has forced some hospitals to stop receiving new cases. Additionally, some intensive care patients are being evacuated from the hospitals that have been damaged by the explosion, the LRC said.

In the meantime, more images and videos surfacing from Beirut continue to show the devastation that the enormous explosion has left behind.

While an official account of the story has yet to emerge, Interior Minister Mohammad Fehmi has confirmed that it was from highly-explosive chemicals seized years ago.

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